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America loves juicy, tender, slow-smoked ribs. From the backyard griller to the seasoned BBQ pro, everyone has their secret recipe for the best ribs on the block. So what could be better than tossing a slab on the smoke and enjoying the fruits of the barbecue? How about wrapping those ribs in delicious, smoky bacon! […]

Damon and Lu Holter, from the Croix Valley Sauces Competition Cooking Team share a delicious recipe for a Caprese-stuffed Compart Duroc Pork Loin on their Icon 400 Series Kamado Grill. Croix Valley Sauces cooks Pork Loin on the Icon Grill. Croix Valley Sauces Competition Cooking Team, Damon and Lu, showcase a couple of methods for

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Dutch Oven Baked Beans

Cooking over a fire in cast iron pots dates back centuries to the time at which humankind first learned to forge tools out of the Earth’s metals. Cast iron camp ovens gained in popularity and helped to feed the American expansion west, from Lewis & Clark to early American settlers. Cooking in a Dutch oven

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Smokin' a Fatty

Smokin’ a Fatty

The Fatty: A bacon-wrapped stuffed sausage you’ll want to experience again and again. What’s a Fatty, you ask? The history of the Fatty is seemingly a short one, having first been mentioned in competitive barbecue circles back in 2004 where the term “Fatty” was coined to describe a popular dish that pitmasters were making at

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Souvlaki is a centuries-old Greek dish that can be prepared with a variety of meats grilled on a skewer.  My recipe for Grilled Chicken Souvlaki takes the tastes of the Mediterranean and brings them within reach to your backyard grill.  The bold flavors from herbs and spices make this an amazing dish you’ll want to

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