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Lumber Jack Pellets - Char Hickory

Flavour of the month

We combine 50% Hickory wood and 40% Oak with 10% ground-up charcoal to produce a unique blend that marries the flavour of Hickory with that distinctive Tennessee BBQ flavour. This blend has become very popular due to the traditional char taste it imparts to food.

40% OAK / 50% HICKORY / 10% CHAR
40% OAK 50% HICKORY 10% CHAR

Grill. Roast. Smoke. Sear.
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Extend Your Summer

Extend your summer with a roaring wood fire without the smoke. The Wood Pellet Patio Heater by Timber Stoves


90,000 BTU's

12 Ft Heating Radius

Eco-Friendly Fuel

No Power Needed

Ultra Portable

There is such a difference in flavour and depth of the smoke ring in the meat!


Westlock, AB

I am still in awe of how many long cooks it lasted. Seriously impressive.


Regina, SK

Best smoke flavour from any pellet I've used so far and takes way longer for me to fill up again. Not buying anything else anymore.


Amherstburg, ON

They burn exceptionally well and never had any temp fluctuations. I’ll definitely be sticking with Lumberjack pellets from here on out.


Prince George, BC
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