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Make Your BBQ Legendary

Outstanding flavour, pro-grade wood BBQ pellets for all wood pellet grills and smokers

"The Best BBQ Pellets in the Industry!"

100% All Natural Wood Pellets

Lumber Jack BBQ Grilling Pellets are made from 100% All-Natural Round Log Trees, resulting in 100% of the wood's flavour profile. Unlike some competitors which use manufacturing waste, our pellets contain no additives, no binders, no fillers and no oil scents.  Just 100% All Natural Wood!

Full Flavour Profile

We leave the bark on, just like the old timers used to when they smoked meat and fish.  All of our blended pellet recipes are pre-blended before pelleting, which ensures a more consistent flavour.  In our blends the base Oak is de-barked which allows the blends wood flavour (Apple, Pecan, etc) to shine through.

Our smaller diameter pellets offer better ignition, more smoke, hotter burn and cleaner combustion with less auger jamming.

Competitive Pricing and Better Selection

Our dealer program offers retailers the opportunity to compete with other brands of wood pellets on the market, while at the same time increasing profit margins for dealers.  This overall results in better retail pricing and more selection for consumers.

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