Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets

Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets are made with 100% all-natural wood fiber with no additives, no artificial flavours, no oil scents, and are compatible with all wood-fired grills and barbeque smokers.

Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets

Fill Your Grill

wIth quality wood pellets that burn hotter, last longer, and taste better

Lumber Jack Pellets

No fillers

No additives

Consistent heat

Less auger jams

More smoke output

12 flavours

Faster heat

More flavour

Burns longer


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  • Better Flavour

    We leave the bark on, just like the old timers used to. Our pellets provide an unmatched true full flavour wood smoke.

  • All-natural Wood

    Only all-natural wood is sued in our pellets. No fillers, no additives, no artificial flavours, and no oil sprays - just all-natural wood.

  • More Stable Heat

    The smaller diameter of our pellets result in less auger jamming and a more even burn, resulting in a very stable heat source.

  • Faster Heat

    Our smaller diameter pellets ignite quicker and bring your grill to temperature faster than most other wood BBQ pellets.

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Why are Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets so popular?

Better Flavour

Imagine a tree like a piece of fruit. The outer layer contains the most flavour, while the core is mostly devoid of flavour. Wood pellets made from the outer later of the tree provide the most flavour. Pour BBQ Pellets use only the bark and outer (cambium) layer.

Better Results

Our pellets are made from only high quality flavourful wood chips. Some other BBQ pellet manufacturers may use residual sawdust and other wood by-products. For example, the sawdust from a hickory furniture or hammer factory has very little flavour.

Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets are 100% Pure

With our 100% variaties, the entire pellet is made of the same type of wood. Bark is left on before pelleting for full flavour smoke. Because the bark is left on, these 100% varieties provide even more flavour than our blended pellets!

Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets Blend Varieties

Our blends are made of flavourful bark-on wood chips mixed with de-barked Oak. Each recipe is ground, mixed thoroughly, and finally turned into wood BBQ pellets. Every pellet isthe full recupe which ensures an even burn and consistent flavour. The de-barked Oak provides extra heat and allows the flavour wood to come through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pellets have been thoroughly test in virtually every make & model and have been found to be safe and compatible with all grills and smoker that burn wood pellet fuel.

Consumer Protection Act / Magnuson Moss Warranty Act

Each province across Canada has a Consumer Protection Act, similar to the USA Magnuson Moss Warranty Act of 1975.
We won't bore you with the legal details, but these laws prevent a manufacturer from requiring consumers to use
OEM products.

In the past, certain manufacturers would claim that using non-approved pellets would void warranty. These days, manufacturers have stepped away from this claim and most major manufacturers have no problems with customers using third party grilling pellets.

A: We recommend keeping your pellets stored indoors in an airtight container. Pellets need to be kept dry; high moisture content will reduce the heat output the pellets can provide.

If you must store your pellets outdoors, ensure they are kept in a water-tight container and the bag should be kept closed inside that container. Our Pour 'n Store bag clips work great for bag storage!

All of our pellets provide heat in excess of 8500 BTU/b, with less than 1.5% ash content.

Furnace pellets may look similar to BBQ pellets, but you should never use wood furnace pellets for cooking food.

There are many reasons:

Furnace Pellets Can Be Toxic

Furnace heating pellets are meant to be burned in a wood pellet furnace, where the exhaust vents outside. They are not food safe and are often made with chemically treated wood. They may also contain glue and other carcinogens which will transfer to the food and be consumed.

No Flavour

Furnace pellets are also devoid of most flavour, sometimes made of waste sawdust and other floor sweepings.

Furnace pellets may also be made of softwood, which emits soot and creosote when burned and will transfer to the food.

Too Hot of a Burn

Because they are meant for heat only, furnace pellets are formulated for an exceptionally hot burn. They may exceed the heat rating of your equipment causing damage and possibly even voiding warranty.

Check the Label

Keep an eye on the packaging. Any pellets meant for cooking food will explicitly state that they are for grilling purposes. If grilling/smoking is not mentioned, they are most likely heating pellets and should not be used for grilling/smoking under any circumstances.

One 20 lb bag of pellets will provide 6-20 hours of grilling/smoking time depending on various factors. The burn rate is anywhere from 1-3 lbs/hr depending on conditions such as the make of your grill, ambient temperature, grill setting and more.

When cleaning your grill, pay close attention to the bottom grate surfaces. If they are covered in a brown, tacky substance, you are most likely looking at burnt residue from oil additives or other artificial flavours. A darker smoke can also indicate this as the oil burns.

Pellets containing artificial flavours may also impart your food with a "liquid smoke" flavour instead of the true wood smoke flavour you are after.

Lumber Jack Pellets are All-Natural

Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets provide a true wood smoke flavour and burn clean, leaving no residue on the inside of your grill. Our pellets contain no additives, no oils, no binders or anything artificial - just 100% all natural wood!

No, unlike hardwood plans and wood smoking chips, BBQ pellets do not need to be soaked before using them. In fact, pellets must be kept dry to ensure maximum heat output.

As a result, BBQ pellets can be used much quicker and without any preparation. Wood pellets are far more convenient to use than wood smoking chips when possible.

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Discover new flavours

Flavour Guide

Use our flavour guide to determine the best flavours of pellets to use with the food you are preparing. Have a look at the recommendations for your favourite Lumber Jack flavour - it might spark your imagination!

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