Canadian BBQ Society

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Canadian BBQ Society
Canadian BBQ Society

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About the Canadian BBQ Society

The Canadian BBQ Society is a non-profit organization of BBQ enthusiasts, competitors, organizers and judges with two common passions: BBQ and our beloved country, Canada.


The Canadian BBQ Society’s mandate is to celebrate, grow, enrich, and promote BBQ as both a national past time and sport for all Canadians.


 The CBBQS will grow and strengthen the sport of competitive BBQ nationwide by working with international sanctioning bodies with a goal of promoting a barbecue competition in every province and territory.

Our Structure

Canada is a large country. To ensure our BBQ Society represents all regions, we have Chapter Leads representing the province they live in, and Standing Members who contemplate the larger national interests in BBQ.

We Support

  • Enthusiasts wishing to learn, improve their skills, or share their passion
  • Competitors wishing to track their performance and qualify for invitational and other major competitive BBQ events
  • Organizers wishing to share details about their Canadian outdoor cooking events
  • Individuals or teams desiring a BBQ mentor
  • Prospective event organizers wanting to know more about hosting and organizing an event, which may including the use of CBBQS’ proprietary scoring system
  • Approved businesses that wish to share their products or services that benefit our members

Contact Us 

For general queries, please contact us.

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