Piri Piri Shrimp Tacos | Lumberjack Distributor Canada

Piri Piri Shrimp Tacos

Savor the unique zest of piri piri shrimp tacos, where every bite transports you to a coastal paradise, fusing fresh seafood with zingy toppings!

Smoked Crab Dip | Lumberjack Distributor Canada

Smoked Crab Dip

Cheesy, crabby goodness! Try this out at your next party, people are sure to rave about it!

Texas Style Breakfast Tacos Burritos | Lumberjack Distributor Canada

Texas-Style Breakfast Tacos/Burritos

Unwrap the bold flavors of the Lone Star State with these Texas-style breakfast burritos, where smoky brisket meets fluffy eggs and zesty salsas in a morning fiesta!

Caprese Stuff Pork Loin | Lumberjack Distributor Canada

Caprese-stuff Pork Loin

This recipe for Caprese-Stuffed Pork Loin relies upon the smoky flavors of the grill to elevate the creaminess of the fresh salad, while wrapping it into a juicy pork loin.

Mountain Man Burger by Croix Valley Foods | Lumberjack Distributor Canada

Mountain Man Burger

A true delight for the taste buds rests with this amazing burger that’s not only big enough to satisfy a lumberjack’s hunger pains, but is easy enough to prepare any time you fire up the grill.

Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets - Tyson Schroeder - Sweet Pepper Poppers

Sweet mini pepper poppers

If you have people in your circle that can’t handle the heat, this is a great alternative to the jalapeño popper! This as a terrific little appetizer for all ages!

Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets Tyson Schroeder Smoked Italian Meatballs | Lumberjack Distributor Canada

Smoked Italian Meatballs

You’ll never want traditional meatballs again! Oh mama! These are delicious, smoky, with a little bit of spice! Eat these with your spaghetti and tomato sauce, or in a big meatball sub!

Slap Ya Mama Bloody Mary Bombs | Lumberjack Distributor Canada

Bloody Mary Bombs

The perfect appetizer to get the party started! These Bloody Mary Bombs will be explosive at your next family get-together!

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