Bacon-Wrapped Coconut Curry Corn on the Cob

Nothing says summer like some field-fresh corn on the cob!  Perfectly cooked until tender and dripping with butter is the favourite of many a backyard barbecue.

Croix Valley

Croix Valley Foods is run by Damon and Lu Holter out of Hudson, Wisconsin. As one of the fastest-growing BBQ Brands in the country, Croix Valley products can be found in BBQ Supply shops, hardware & home improvement stores, meat markets, specialty food shops and grocery stores across North America. Croix Valley's line up includes: BBQ sauces, BBQ rubs, boosters, seasonings, and more! Many of Croix Valley's product have been featured on Food Network.

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Prep time:

Total time:


12 cobs



  1. Preheat your grill to 350⁰. Gas, charcoal, or pellet grills work equally as well here.
  2. Wrap each cob of corn in bacon, tucking the ends of the bacon underneath itself to ensure that it does not unravel. Depending upon the size of the corn cob, you may need more than one piece.
  3. Place corn directly on the grill and cook, covered for approx. 20 minutes until the bacon begins to brown and turn slightly crispy.
  4. Mix cream of coconut with curry powder and Croix Valley Southwest BBQ Booser. Brush on the corn liberally. Allow the mixture to set in the heat of the grill for at least 5-10 minutes and reapply as desired.  (Hint:  I prefer to use the Cream of Coconut packaged in a squeeze bottle, designed to be used to make Pina Coladas.  Fine it in the grocery or liquor store near the non-alcoholic mixers.)


This recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Coconut Curry Corn on the Cob takes the traditional side dish and makes it the star of the show!  Wrapped in bacon and dripping with sweet and savory flavors of the East, this is one dish you don’t want to pass by!


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