Cheese stuffed hamburgers

These smoky, ooey, gooey cheesy burgers are not for the faint of heart! Big juicy thick burgers that are going to be a delicious mess.

Lumber Jack

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Prep time:

1 hour

Total time:

2 hours


4 burgers



  1. Put ground beef into a mixing bowl
  2. Add Sucklebuster Chipotle BBQ Sauce 🛒
  3. Add Sucklebuster SPG 🛒
  4. Mix well
  5. Divide into 8 equal portions and form into patties
  6. Place desired amount of cheese on half the patties
  7. Top with the other patty
  8. Form into burgers being sure to seal the edges to reduce cheese leaks
  9. Place into fridge for up to an hour to firm up
  10. Preheat smoker to 225
  11. Place burgers on grill and smoke for 1hr and then remove
  12. Turn up smoker to 400
  13. Sear for 2-3 min a side
  14. Remove and build your burgers


  • Can sear using any method, gas grill, flat top, cast iron etc.
  • You can stuff the burgers with anything you want, feel free to get really creative!

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