Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Chicken Flank

Flavored with rub and finished with barbecue sauce, these amazing morsels of meat are perfect either as an appetizer or to load up on as a meal. Invite the family over and watch these disappear!

Croix Valley

Croix Valley Foods is run by Damon and Lu Holter out of Hudson, Wisconsin. As one of the fastest-growing BBQ Brands in the country, Croix Valley products can be found in BBQ Supply shops, hardware & home improvement stores, meat markets, specialty food shops and grocery stores across North America. Croix Valley's line up includes: BBQ sauces, BBQ rubs, boosters, seasonings, and more! Many of Croix Valley's product have been featured on Food Network.

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4 servings


  1. Prepare the chicken by removing and discarding the skins (or purchase skinless thighs, if available).
  2. Trim any excess fat from the meat and begin to “shape” the thigh by pulling the meat down toward the fattest part of the bone so that it is only attached by the base of the bone. Using a paring or boning knife may be helpful to scrape the meat away from the bone to create the desired shape.
  3. Using a pair of poultry shears, cut off the top joint of the bone if desired.
  4. Coat the meat in Barbecue Booster or Garlic Dust on all sides and shape the meat so that the bone sticks out the top.
  5. Wrap one piece of bacon around each thigh, tucking the ends of the bacon in to keep it in place.
  6. Place chicken on grill over indirect heat and cook for approximately 20-25 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F.
  7. During the last 10 minutes of grilling, brush on your favorite barbecue sauce and allow the sauce to set in the grill. A great method for this is to heat the BBQ sauce, place in a bowl or cup and dunk the chicken in the sauce by holding onto the bone as a handle. Drip off excess and place back on grill.


  • This creation is an absolutely stunning preparation for chicken thighs that is a bacon-wrapped spin on a winning recipe I developed over the years for cooking chicken in professional barbecue competitions.
  • This Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Chicken Flank recipe requires a little effort, but meals that will wow your guests don’t come out of a red and white striped bucket.

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