Smoked shotgun shells

This is a great, fun and different appetizer. These big meaty treats will really fill you up!

Lumber Jack

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Prep time:

30 minutes +overnight

Total time:

2.5 hours


8 servings


  • 10 Manicotti shells
  • 20 slices of bacon
  • 1lb ground pork
  • Croix Valley Kansas City Rub
  • Croix Valley Blue-B-Cue Sauce
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese


  1. In a large bowl mix pork, Kansas City Rub and cheese together
  2. Carefully stuff each shell with the meat mixture, stuff half in one side then the other side
  3. Wrap each shell with 2 slices of bacon, ensure to completely cover the shell in bacon
  4. Dust each shell with Kansas City Rub
  5. Place in fridge overnight, this will allow moisture to seep into the pasta shell, softening it
  6. When ready to cook, pre-heat smoker to 250F
  7. Smoke for 1.5 hrs
  8. Bump temperature to 350F
  9. Brush each shell with Blue-B-Cue sauce and cook 10 min
  10. Rotate shells and brush other side with sauce and cook 10 more min.
  11. Remove and serve


  • Can cut each shell in half for service as it is a rather large bite.

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