ASMOKE AS350 Portable Wood Pellet BBQ Grill & Smoker (with ASCA Technology)


Combining flavour, convenience, and versatility! Go low and slow, or fast and hot with ASMOKE’s temperature dial ranging from 180° to 500° F. The hopper holds up to 4 lbs of pellets, while the 256 sq in ample cooking space fits all your favorite meats, vegetables, seafood, and more.

  • Superior build quality: Features Stainless Steel and premium porcelain non-stick coating
  • 8 Cooking Styles: BBQ, bake, roast, braise, smoke, sear, broil, and char-grill
  • Use with: Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets for authentic smoky flavors
  • Portable and versatile: Create the perfect barbecue anywhere in the country
  • First grill to feature our new ASCA System™ for a mouthwatering BBQ experience


  • Up to 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • AS350 portable pellet grill
  • ASCA Technology
  • Side bucket to collect oil & grease for easier cleaning
  • Meat thermometer
  • User manual

Great for:

  • RV and camping
  • Apartments and condos
  • Cabin life and the lake
  • In the backyard
  • Family events
  • Summer bbq’s

ASCA: Automatic Steam Clean Ash

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How ASCA technology improves your bbqs

The AS350 is the first Asmoke Grill to feature our ASCA Technology and the only product on the market that delivers on all of these features. ASCA addresses 3 key areas of innovation; taste, cooking time, and clean-up:

  • Liquid Seasoning

    You can pour in a range of liquids (beverages, seasonings, diluted sauces, etc) into the pull-out component prior to cooking. These will evaporate and be absorbed by the meat for a tender fall off the bone consistency and a BBQ experience like no other.

  • Super-heated Steam

    Hotter temperatures for the steam reduces the overall time needed to reach internal temperatures. This has 2 benefits. Firstly, it makes meat much more juicy, tender and loaded with flavour. Secondly, food is cooked up to 3x faster than other grills on the market

  • Auto-cleaning

    Once the cooldown process begins, the steam begins to cool and collect at the bottom of the grill. This helps clean the grill for you, as well as collect built-up ash. Once you’re finished, remove the pull out tray to dispose of the ash, and empty the grease bucket on the side of the grill.


The Pellet Grill difference.

Pellet grills combine the dense flavors of fruit pellets with high temperatures to cook your food in a whole new way. Reinvent the classics, or discover new favorites. The hopper holds up to 4 lbs of pellets, while the 256 sq inch ample cooking space fits all your favorite meats, vegetables, seafood, and more.

Powered by ASCA

Our new ASCATM system reinvents how vapour is utilised throughout the pellet grill. Pour in your favorite liquor to cook your meats for new mouth watering experiences, whilst steam is now distributed throughout the ducts to autocleanse the ash—making cleaning easier and faster than ever.

The AS350 Difference

Weekend away? Bring the flavor with you.

We found the perfect balance between functionality and portability—especially when combined with our transport bag. Now it’s down to you to find the perfect cookout spots and get grilling.

Make the most of your new AS350 with Lumber Jack BBQ pellets

To get the most from your pellet grill, you need the best ingredients. Made with 100% trees and zero additives, our natural pellet gives you meats a rich and sweet taste.

Extra-Deep Lid

How long does it take to cool down?

Once you have finished grilling, the fan will begin the cooldown process. On average, this will take around 10 minutes. Once the fan turns off, the internal temperature will have lowered significantly and you can begin the cleaning process (emptying the ashtray, whipping down the grill plates etc).


The original Asmoke Portable Pellet Grill lets you experience mouth watering barbecues anywhere in the country. With smart temperature control, a compact design, and designed for simplicity—you can host a barbecue everyone will remember.


Innovative Technology

With the smart technology of temperature control system with programmable meat probe port, go low and slow, or fast and hot with a temperature dial ranging from 180° to 500°F. Color LED digital temperature controller with programmable meat probe port display makes it easy to set the temper and track when the meat is fall-off-the-bone ready. ASMOKE's auto-pellet reloading and heating fan maintains the desired temperature for you. No need to babysit!

Step 1


Fill hopper with Lumber Jack BBQ pellets

Step 2


Plug in power cord and dial-in desired temperature into the digital control board.

Step 3


ASMOKE automatically ignites so you can start grilling right away

8-in-1 Cooking Styles

Want to prepare your meals, this ASMOKE cooking pellet smoker grill can cater to all, allows for either direct or indirect grilling. Cook BBQ, Bake, Roast, Braise, Smoke, Sear, Broil, and Char-Grilled food to perfection! With two tiers of porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids, this grill offers a whopping 256 square inches of open grilling space. Ideal for some backyard BBQ entertainment, camping, parties, RVs, traveling or others.

Although compact in design, the AS300 does not lack versatility! You can cook your meats with 8 different styles of cooking, including grilling, smoking, baking, roasting or searing! This is helped by our patented broiler plate system. Open and close from the outside to adjust the exposure of the open flame for different cooking styles.

1 Grill
2 Smoke
4 Bake
5 Roast
6 Braise
7 Sear
8 Cahr-grill

Mouth Watering Consistency

Prepare your palate for a unique and flavorful experience with the ASMOKE Pellet Grill and give people a meal to remember! Achieve rich wood flavor using all-natural apple wood pellets. ASMOKE Grill crafts mouthwatering flavor for searing fish, grilling game, smoking jerky, and more. Try it and you’ll taste the difference that there just isn’t an easier way to get the flavor of wood smoked food than with a pellet grill.

Consistent Taste

Every time you fire up your AS300, you can expect the same quality experience time and time again. Fill with Asmoke apple wood pellets, set the temperature, load up your meats, and load them soak up the mouth watering flavors of the smoke. Check the internal temperature with the meat thermometer and tuck in!



The new AS300 is designed specifically for taking to the road so you can enjoy the unique experience of a Pellet Grill anywhere in the country. Tailgate it or store in your car, pack your ingredients and a power source, and you’re ready to hit the road. Combine with our accessories, such as the foldable table or carry bag for added convenience.

Smart Features

You can insert the meat probe during cooking and set the perfect internal temperature. Our smart system will maintain this temperature within a few degrees of accuracy (shown on the digital display) so you can wait until your meal is fall-off-the-bone ready. This is aided by the auto-pellet reloading and heating fan to keep everything perfect.

How accurate is the smart temperature monitoring system?

When you set the AS300 to maintain a certain temperature inside the grill to cook your meats to perfection, the controller keeps precision within +/- 10 degrees at all times. You should reduce the number of times you open the grill hood as this releases the heat buildup.


Efficient & Safe

ASMOKE grill air duct system is a patented system independently developed, which makes the whole distribution more even in the grill and more effectively prevents the hidden danger of tempering. The heat distribution is much better and more safe than other similar wood pellet grills at present,reaching 500℉ 15% faster and save wood pellets up to 20%.

5-Year Warranty & Bonus Accessories Included

To complete the summer cook-out, we pack in ALL the ESSENTIALS. You will also receive: ASMOKE AS300 Waterproof Grill Cover and Precision Tracking Stainless Steel Meat Probe! It has been designed with your experience in mind. Whether you’re tailgating at the race or celebrating at home, there’s no better way to enjoy than with food, friends, and the only grill that lets you have it all.


500 F 4 hours
350 F 5.5 hours
225 F 7 hours
Smoke 8.5 hours
| Lumberjack Distributor Canada
AS350 Dimensions
ASMOKE Pellet Grill Dimensions 3

What's the difference between AS300 & AS350?

8 cooking methods
Digital controls
256 sq in cooking area
4lb hopper capacity
Temperature range 180°F to 500°F
Meat probe
Grease pot
ASCA technology -
Liquid seasoning -
Super-heated steam -
Self cleaning -
Extra tall lid -
Pull out ash drawer -
Cover -
350 vs 3001
350 vs 3002
350 vs 3003
350 vs 3004

Technical Specs

Net Weight

  • 20.6 kg / 45.5 lbs

Storage Dimensions

  • 57.7 cm / 22.7 in wide
  • 46.2 cm / 18.2 in deep
  • 40.5 cm / 16 in high
  • When storing the grill, the grease pot and probe holder can both be removed which means the storage width is 57.7 cm.
  • When storing the grill, the cord can be removed which means the storage depth is 46.2 cm.

Operating Dimensions

  • 64.9 cm / 25.6 in wide (with grease pot and probe holder attached)
  • 51.7 cm / 20.4 in deep
  • 40.5 cm / 16 in high
  • When operating the grill, the grease pot will be attached which means the operating width is 64.9 cm.
  • When operating the grill, the cord requires extra clearance at the back of the grill, which means the operating depth is 51.7 cm.


  • Body width: 55.0 cm / 21.7 in
  • Probe holder width (removable): 3.4 cm / 1.4 in
  • Grease pot holder width (no grease pot): 2.7 cm / 1.1 in
  • Grease pot holder width (with grease pot attached): 6.5 cm / 2.6 in
  • Lid height: 16.5 cm / 6.5 in
  • Body depth: 36.0 cm / 14.2
  • Handle stand-off: 7.7 cm / 3.1 in
  • Rear hinge stand-off: 2.5 cm / 1 in
  • Rear with cord attached: total of 8 cm / 3.2 in clearance required

Control Type

  • Dial-in Digital

Total Cooking Area

  • 256 inch

Hopper Capacity

  • 4 lbs of Wood Pellets


  • Stainless Steel

Temperature Range

  • Temperature Dial Ranging From 180°F to 500°F


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange

Starting Instructions

When you want to set the temperature below 350F. to help
your grill reach the temperature setting faster and stable please following the steps below:

  1. Turn on your AS350 and set the temperature to 350F
  2. Wait for the temperature rising to 350F, or even higher
  3. Open the lid of your grill and pull open the fire shield
  4. Close your lid and set it to the temperature you like
  5. When the temperature reaches the temperature you were setting, close the fire shield (**If you are using the "SMOKE "make sure that you close the fire shield when the temperature drops down at 200F**)
  6. Your grill is ready for use now.


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Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 71 × 51 × 44 cm

Red, Blue, Orange


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ASMOKE AS350 Pellet Grill Orange Closed | Lumberjack Distributor Canada
ASMOKE AS350 Portable Wood Pellet BBQ Grill & Smoker (with ASCA Technology)