Bulk Pricing for CBBQS Members

Canadian BBQ Society

The CBBQS is a non-profit organization of BBQ enthusiasts, competitors, organizers, and judges that grow and strengthen the sport of competitive BBQ nationwide by working with international sanctioning bodies with a goal of promoting a barbecue competition in every province and territory. Learn more @ www.cbbqs.ca

The annual membership cost with CBBQS is $30 CAD annually and comes with multiple benefits including a discount on Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets. Most members save more than $30 CAD on their first order so the membership ends up paying for itself rather quickly.

All active Canadian BBQ Society premium members receive 15% off website orders at lumberjackpellets.ca. Learn more.

We also offer bulk pricing when purchasing full skids (2000 lbs) of BBQ pellets.

Single Flavour (Full Skid)

  • 20 lb bags: $29.95 $17.75 each
  • 40 lb bags: $39.95 $27.45 each
  • Must order 2000 lbs
  • Entire skid is 1 flavour

Mix & Match Flavours (Full Skid)

  • 20 lb bags: $29.95 $19.20 each
  • 40 lb bags: $39.95 $28.85 each
  • Must order 2000 lbs
  • Minimum 10 bags per flavour


  • Bulk pricing is intended for personal-use only - not for resale. Bulk purchasers must agree to not resell the product.
  • If you are looking to resell the product, we can offer you even better prices through our wholesale program. Learn more @ https://lumberjackpellets.ca/become-a-retailer/
  • We do not offer discount pricing for any quantities other than full skids.
  • Pricing subject to change at any time.
  • For shipping we recommend sending to a freight terminal (such as Day & Ross) in a major center for pickup which averages $200-400 a skid depending on distance from our warehouse. We ship pellets from both Saskatoon SK and Mississauga ON and also offer warehouse pickup if you are near either of those locations.
  • We often get asked about residential delivery of full skid orders, however shipping rates typically exceed $500/skid for curbside delivery so we normally don’t send bulk orders to residential addresses due to the high shipping cost of such deliveries.
  • Apply for a CBBQS premium membership @ https://www.cbbqs.ca/subscription-plans/


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