ASMOKE AS660 Wood Pellet BBQ Grill & Smoker

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This full size grill gives you a large (700 Sq.In) cooking area perfect for the barbecue party with a lot of mouths to feed. With smart temperature control, using our apple wood pellets for mouth watering flavors, and no flare ups, you’ll host the perfect barbecue everytime.


  • Up to 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • AS660 full size pellet grill
  • Outdoor cover
  • Side bucket to collect oil & grease for easier cleaning
  • 2 meat thermometers
  • BBQ gloves
  • User manual

Great for:

  • In the backyard
  • Cabin life and the lake
  • Family events
  • Summer bbq’s
  • Family get-togethers
  • Feeding large groups

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This heavy-duty full-size pellet grill is a powerful, trusty grill and smoker for amateur grillers and pit-masters alike. With 8-in-1 cooking versatility, you can grill, smoke, sear, and more, making the AS660 the perfect backyard barbecue tool!


Innovative Technology

With the smart technology of temperature control system with programmable meat probe port, go low and slow, or fast and hot with a temperature dial ranging from 180° to 500°F. Color LED digital temperature controller with programmable meat probe port display makes it easy to set the temper and track when the meat is fall-off-the-bone ready. ASMOKE's auto-pellet reloading and heating fan maintains the desired temperature for you. No need to babysit!

8-in-1 Cooking Styles

Want to prepare your meals, this ASMOKE cooking pellet smoker grill can cater to all, allows for either direct or indirect grilling. Cook BBQ, Bake, Roast, Braise, Smoke, Sear, Broil, and Char-Grilled food to perfection! With two tiers of porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids, this grill offers a whopping 700 square inches of open grilling space. Ideal for some backyard BBQ entertainment, camping, parties, RVs, traveling or others.

Although compact in design, the AS660 does not lack versatility! You can cook your meats with 8 different styles of cooking, including grilling, smoking, baking, roasting or searing! This is helped by our patented broiler plate system. Open and close from the outside to adjust the exposure of the open flame for different cooking styles.

1 Grill
2 Smoke
4 Bake
5 Roast
6 Braise
7 Sear
8 Cahr-grill

Mouth Watering Consistency

Prepare your palate for a unique and flavorful experience with the ASMOKE Pellet Grill and give people a meal to remember! Achieve rich wood flavor using all-natural apple wood pellets. ASMOKE Grill crafts mouthwatering flavor for searing fish, grilling game, smoking jerky, and more. Try it and you’ll taste the difference that there just isn’t an easier way to get the flavor of wood smoked food than with a pellet grill.

The wood-fired grill delivers a powerful grilling experience for a true outdoorsman, perfect for searing fish, grilling game, smoking jerky, and more. Ultimate 8 in 1, hot and fast or low and slow. We recommend all-natural ASMOKE apple wood pellets to achieve a rich mouth-watering flavour.

Large Cooking Area

The large 700 SQ IN cooking area is perfect for hosting the most accommodating barbecue going. The grill can cook up to 22 burgers, 9 chickens, 8 rib racks, or 6 pork butts all at once. Whatever is on the menu, you’re sure to be able to get them all smoked up and fall-of-the-bone ready all at once.

484 SQ.IN. Main rack + 216 SQ.IN. insulation rack, totaling to 700 SQ.IN. Comes with a 2-in-1 stainless steel side shelf, ideal for a large 3-12 group party.

Large Hopper Capacity

Whopping 25.8LBS hopper capacity ideal for continuous smoking.

Consistent Taste

Every time you fire up your AS660, you can expect the same quality experience time and time again. Fill with Asmoke apple wood pellets, set the temperature, load up your meats, and load them soak up the mouth watering flavors of the smoke. Check the internal temperature with the meat thermometer and tuck in!

Consistent Results Every Time You Cook

Every time you fire up your grill, you can expect the same quality experience time and time again. Fill with Asmoke apple wood pellets, set the temperature, load up your meats, and load them soak up the mouth watering flavours of the smoke. Check the internal temperature with the meat thermometer and tuck in!


Temperature Holding

The grill uses our smart system to control the internal temperature to cook your meats perfectly. The auto-reloading pellet system and heating fan distributes heat and smoke to hold the perfect temperature for longer. Combine this with Asmoke apple wood pellets for their premium build quality and slower burning times for maximum efficiency.

No Flare Ups

Proprietary internal design with patented stainless steel slide-plate flame broiler supports either direct or indirect heating, ensures safety during grill, and even heat distribution.

Smart Features

You can insert the meat probe during cooking and set the perfect internal temperature. Our smart system will maintain this temperature within a few degrees of accuracy (shown on the digital display) so you can wait until your meal is fall-off-the-bone ready. This is aided by the auto-pellet reloading and heating fan to keep everything perfect.

How accurate is the smart temperature monitoring system?

When you set the AS660 to maintain a certain temperature inside the grill to cook your meats to perfection, the controller keeps precision within +/- 10 degrees at all times. You should reduce the number of times you open the grill hood as this releases the heat buildup.

Efficient & Safe

ASMOKE grill air duct system is a patented system independently developed, which makes the whole distribution more even in the grill and more effectively prevents the hidden danger of tempering. The heat distribution is much better and more safe than other similar wood pellet grills at present, reaching 500℉ 15% faster and save wood pellets up to 20%.

5 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty - Build to Last

Heavy duty steel construction with UL Certification, porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids with FDA Certification, built to withstand all the elements and prevent rust.


500 F 4 hours
350 F 5.5 hours
225 F 7 hours
Smoke 8.5 hours
| Lumberjack Distributor Canada

Technical Specs

Net Weight

  • 141.10 lbs

Operating Dimensions

  • 137 cm wide / 54 in
  • 54 cm deep / 21.3 in
  • 128 cm tall / 50.1 in (measured to top of stack)

Removable side tray

  • 26 x 41 cm / 10.3 x 16.2 in

Control Type

  • Dial-in Digital

Total Cooking Area

  • 700 inch
  • Internal cooking area of 25" wide (side-to-side), 19.5" deep (front-to-back) and 9.5" high (grate-to-lid)

Hopper Capacity

  • 25.80 lbs of wood pellets


  • Stainless Steel

Temperature Range

  • Temperature Dial Ranging From 180°F to 500°F


  • Black

The AS660 ships in two boxes:

  • Box #1 (main body) – 81 x 57 x 63 cm – 62.1 kg
  • Box #2 (hopper) – 76 x 49 x 50 cm – 20 kg


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Additional information

Weight 82.1 kg
Dimensions 81 × 57 × 113 cm


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