Lumber Jack Grill Master: Mitchell van Deelen

Lumber Jack Grill Master: Mitchell van Deelen 3

🥩Hi, I’m Mitchell also known as Dutchiecooks. Living in Canada doing what I love.

Meet Mitchell van Deelen – Lumber Jack Grill Master.

I was born in The Hague, a city in The Netherlands. I started traveling for work at a pretty young age where I would go for a couple weeks up to three months to a different country. After traveling for a couple of years seeing most of the world I ended up in Ontario, Canada about eight years ago. For the first couple years working here I was traveling a lot back and forward from The Netherlands as I still lived there. About five years ago I pulled the trigger and moved to Canada. I live in Amherstburg for about three years now and work at a company called Vulcan GT where I manage the technical insulation division.

My interest for food started when I began to travel. I noticed pretty quickly that there was so much more than the way we were used to BBQ in The Netherlands. At that time a typical Dutch BBQ looked as followed: slices of pork belly followed by burgers and chicken skewers. Big salad, french bread with garlic sauce and sometimes some fries. I feel like around five years ago that changed, where you see now more and more people buying smokers etc. overthere.

When did you get into grilling, and how often do you fire it up?

I got into grilling as a teenager. We didn’t have a backyard where I grew up so everywhere I got the chance to use a BBQ I did. The first thing I did when I got my own place was buying a Weber Kettle where, in the summers, I organized multiple gatherings for all my friends while I was taking care of the grill. Hundreds of burgers, steaks and skewers have been on that grill. When friends or family members organized BBQ gatherings I was always asked to marinate the food and grill. I started buying BBQ books and nowadays, I’m outside almost every day/night to cook.

Name one grilling technique you’ve learned over the years that has served you well.
Even though I have two pellet grills I love to cook indirect on my Kamado Joe Classic. Just to be around the grills and keep an eye on it while having a couple beers is priceless. Next to that I really love doing stuff on the rotisserie as well.

What’s the most unique thing you’ve grilled or cooked?

Probably not everyone will like this answer but the most unique thing I actually grilled myself was a whale steak. I got the chance to grill this on a Yakitori grill in Japan.

Tell us about your most memorable day around the grill.

Having my parents visiting Canada for the first time is probably my most memorable day around a grill. As my family all still lives in The Netherlands it’s days like this that jump out. We rented an airbnb in Tobermory that was on a lake. So grilling there with a beautiful view over the lake and a little fire with both my parents there was a day I won’t forget.

Next to that I enjoy having friends and family around the grill and see everybody having a good time. I enjoy seeing people enjoying food. I really believe food brings people together. It doesn’t matter if it’s the neighbor or a friend, our door is always open to everyone and there is always enough food for who wants to join for dinner. The way I grew up my family always did the same so I would like to keep that little tradition in my family too.

What was one of your most memorable cooks?

The first thing that pops my mind is a chuck roast I did a couple years ago. The weather was terrible and one of my pellet grills had a hard time keeping the temperature steady. Resulted in a way longer cook than expected. When it was done I went inside, kinda forgot about the grill, and when I came back out the whole grill was on fire. Somehow the pellets in the auger and hopper got caught on fire. So yeah, even when it’s a pellet grill, always keep an eye on it.

What are you cooking these days?

Lots of steaks, chicken and burgers is what I cook during the week. I try to always do at least one “long cook” during the weekend.

Lumber Jack Grill Master Mitchell van Deelen 1 | Lumberjack Distributor Canada
Lumber Jack Grill Master – Mitchell van Deelen

What is your favourite thing to cook?

Indonesian food. When done right and after a couple days of cooking it feels really good to put on a big “rice table”. It’s a lot of work and I actually should do it way more often because it’s actually been awhile since I made it. The fun part is every rice table can be different because there are so many good Indonesian recipes.

What’s your favourite Lumber Jack Pellet flavour?

I really enjoy the char hickory and the competition blend. Those two are probably the ones I use most.

Who are your BBQ idols?

I don’t really have BBQ idols to be honest. I came across an instagram account a couple years ago named grillin_with_dad where I learned a lot of basics. I like to just search on the internet, instagram, youtube etc. and learn or find something new.

The awesome thing about this BBQ community is that most people are open to share and help you. I made lots of friends through my instagram account with people that don’t do under for all the “famous” BBQers. There are so many good backyard grillers out there!

What’s your absolute favourite thing to grill?

Nothing beats the sound of searing a good steak! And to make that even better I sear my steaks in a mayonnaise based sauce. If you never tried this you are missing out! Reach out to me if you want the recipe for it 🙂

Do you have any good tips for BBQ beginners?

Be patient. Understand your grill. Learn what happens if you open or close certain vents on your grill.

Write down your recipes!! I made sauces before that were so good that till this day I don’t remember how I made them.

Have fun during the process! That’s what it’s all about 🙂

If you don’t already, be sure to follow Mitchell @dutchiecooks on Instagram to see what creative stuff he’s cooking up!

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