Shipping Information

Full pallet of 20lb bags of Competition Blend Lumber Jack BBQ pellets

Quality Packaging

All of our pellets utilize the strongest poly bags possible.  Bags are interlocked when stacked on the pallet.  Then we add the best UV cover available and use heavy duty shrink wrap to finish wrapping it up.  

Order Sizes

Whether you want to order a few bags, a few pallets, or an entire truckload, we are happy to work with dealers to determine an order that suits their needs.

We also offer a mixed pallet that contains our four most popular blend varieties: 

  • Competition Blend (qty 35 of 20lb)
  • Hickory Blend (qty 25 of 20lb)
  • Mesquite Blend (qty 25 of 20lb)
  • Apple Blend (qty 15 of 20lb)

This mixed pallet is a great way for new dealers to get started with the most popular flavours of Lumber Jack Pellets at best pricing level.  Please contact us for wholesale pricing.

Skid Sizes

A full skid contains qty 100 of 20lb bags, or qty 50 of 40lb bags.

Standard skid size: 42"W x 50"L x 52"H

Volume: 63.19 cu ft

Weight: 2000 lbs

1/4 ton order - 18" H - 500 lbs

1/2 ton order - 27" H - 1000 lbs

Rate quotes

We work with several national freight carriers and we work hard to provide the best rate quotes for shipments to our dealers. Dealers are also welcome to arrange freight shipments from their end if desired.

We also offer pick-up by appointment at our warehouse in Saskatoon, SK.  We have a drive-in bay as well as a loading dock.

Feel free to contact us for a rate quote today!

Become a Dealer

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