Lumber Jack Pink Butcher Paper


  • Comes in 18″ & 24″ widths
  • 175′ length
  • Wrapping paper for smoking meat
  • Completely food-grade safe, FDA approved
  • Multi-purpose use: Cook, store, and smoke your food
  • Unbleached, unwaxed, and uncoated

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Ever wondered how to smoke meat like the pros? Lumber Jack Pink Butcher Paper is the secret.

Here’s why:

Foil is for amateurs

Making perfectly smoked meat means letting the steam out while keeping the smoke in – exactly what this butcher paper does. Butcher paper is simply better than foil.

It’s super strong

Strong enough for you to store, smoke, and serve your meat all with the same sheet of butcher paper. And no dirty dishes to clean up afterward!

It’s designed not to break or leak

You know what happens when you get a crack in the foil. All your savoury, flavorful meat juice spills out. That’s good stuff, so Kraft Butcher Paper is reinforced to prevent that from happening.

It doesn’t have nasty chemicals

Nobody smokes meat to have it taste metallic like tin foil. Our butcher paper is metal-free, as well as uncoated, unbleached, unwaxed, and FDA food-grade approved. Translation: Your food tastes how it’s supposed to taste without chemicals adding off flavours. Butcher paper is safe for your whole family.

It lasts

One roll of Kraft Butcher Paper is 18 inches wide and 175 feet long. You’ll be smoking meat and veggies for months before you’ll have to think about reordering.

Buy a roll today and take your meat smoking to the next level.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 11 × 11 cm

18"x175', 24"x175'

Pink Butcher Paper 18" x 175'
Lumber Jack Pink Butcher Paper