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Maxx Gregg (@the_parttime_pitmaster on Instagram or The Part-Timer’s BBQ on Facebook and YouTube) was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. After meeting his wife, Megan, and starting a family, they relocated with their 2 kids (Brayden and Mya) to Aurora, Ontario, where they welcomed their 3rd surprise baby, Ayla (aka BabyQ).


Maxx’s passion for BBQ began in his early 20’s while working at one of Toronto’s original southern BBQ restaurants, Highway61. This is where Maxx was introduced to smoking meats and building recipes. This sparked his dream to own his own BBQ food truck. He took a trip to Austin, Texas to try out some real deal BBQ, and it was love at first bite.

Maxx has been working as a roofer for roughly 7 years, taking one year off to try out carpentry by building houses. He currently works for Chouinard Bro’s specializing in flat roofs and travels all over southern Ontario.

Over the years Maxx had dabbled in BBQ by using his first cabinet smoker or a little offset smoker, however, he really got back into the BBQ scene in 2019 when he purchased his first Traeger and started his Instagram page to share his cooks and methods. The long workdays don’t leave much time for Maxx to BBQ during the week, so he spends most of his weekend smoking meat in either his garage or backyard (hence, the “part-time” in his brand). Over the 2 years, Maxx has expanded not only his fleet of smokers, but also his knowledge of BBQ, and hopes to get into competition cooking very soon!

What pushed you to get back into BBQ?

It’s actually a funny story. It was almost a year after we moved to Aurora. We had an old, hand-me-down BBQ and a little offset smoker in our backyard. The BBQ was slowly giving out and breaking down so it was time to replace it. The Traeger just happened to be on sale at Lowe’s at the same time, so I jokingly showed it to my wife and she said “ok, order it”. I couldn’t tell if she was being serious or just busting my balls, so I was in disbelief for a few seconds and then ran to get my credit card. I got it just in time to cook Thanksgiving dinner and never went back. Started my page to post photos and met some awesome people, so I just kept going!! My wife was also happy that I started cooking more.

Do you have a BBQ idol?

This is hard because I respect a lot of people in this industry. I have always looked up to Aaron Franklin, Kendrick BBQ, Rodney Scott, and Myron Mixen. As of right now, my biggest inspiration is Chud’s BBQ. I like his methods and watch his YouTube videos on my work breaks.

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What’s your favourite thing to smoke, and what’s something you haven’t done yet that you really want to try?

I really enjoy smoking big chunks of meat that need the prep and attention to render tender (I.e briskets, pork shoulder). I love it all, from prep to finished bite.

I haven’t been able to do beef short ribs yet. It’s almost like they’re impossible to find near me!! I have to check a few Costco’s.

How did you discover Lumber Jack Pellets and what made you decide to use them?

Lumber Jack Pellets was recommended to me by Derek Morrison from @morrisons_bbq. My wife looked up where to find them locally and found Cobra Metal about 30mins away. She went and picked up a few bags for me and I haven’t used anything since.

I’ve used other brands of pellets before and never really stuck to one. I just found them all to be the same but I can see and taste the difference from Lumber Jack Pellets.

I also like that the company sells charcoal as well. It was also voted the best, so why use anything less!!!

What’s your biggest accomplishment in your BBQ journey so far?

Definitely teaming up with Lumberjack Pellets! Next is getting into the competition circuit!!

What is your favourite Lumber Jack flavour or blend?


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