Lumber Jack Grill Master: Chris Reichelt

Chris Reichelt | Lumberjack Distributor Canada
Lumber Jack Grill Master: Chris Reichelt

🥩Backyard BBQ like No Other

Meet Chris Reichelt- Lumber Jack Grill Master. 

Chris Reichelt is the name but most of you know him as chrisssmokinbbq on Instagram.

Currently living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Chris moved here 2 years ago after marrying an amazing woman. I was born and raised in North Battleford. Recently i became a father we had a boy in October and it has been amazing to have him with me such a blessing. 

What most people don’t know i am a professional photographer and the owner of Static Memories Photography for close to 20 years and i am building a sweet car on the side for track racing. My BBQ for me is a way to relax and spend time with the people i care about. 

We asked Chris a few questions about his approach to BBQ and here’s what he had to say. 

When did you get into grilling, and how often do you fire it up?  

I got into grilling at a very young age. My mom let me use our small table top BBQ when I was 5  years old for the first time and since then I was the one who did all the cooking on the BBQ until I moved out. I can’t remember exactly how the first cook went but I’m sure I destroyed the meat. I love that my mom trusted me to do it again and again and showed me how to do it right.

Name one grilling technique you’ve learned over the years that has served you well.

I’d say it has to be having patience. I always cooked things way too fast. I’d get impatient and want it done. But in the last few years I have learned the importance of low and slow and it has changed my BBQ game.

What’s the most unique thing you’ve grilled or cooked? 

The most unique thing I cooked was very recently, back in November during the Tuzi challenge I did a full beef shanks (Thor’s hammer). That sure was something! I’ve never done those before and was so worried to get that expensive piece of meat wrong but it turned out great and now I’m looking at doing gator and lamb for my next challenge.

Tell us about your most memorable day around the grill.

That’s a tough one. There have been so many but I’d say my most memorable is when my mom and dad come to visit and I get to cook for them. Seeing my mom enjoying the food that she taught me how to make so many years ago.

What was one of your most memorable cooks?

It’s funny; a while ago I was cooking a full pork belly on the grill rotisserie and everything was going well until I decided to go get a drink. Upon my return the BBQ was on fire (lol) and some of the plastic on it was melting. From that day on I learned pork fat is evil and can’t be trusted to be by itself for long. I had to replace a few things that melted. Live and learn I guess haha.

What are you cooking these days?

I stick to the classics: chicken mostly with some ribs and pork butts. Nothing too adventurous.

What is your favourite thing to cook? 

Spaghetti is something I grew up with my mom made all the time and to this day it’s my favorite go-to.

What’s your favourite Lumber Jack Pellet flavour?

Wild cherry is my favorite – I use it for almost everything.

Who are your BBQ idols?

That’s a hard one to answer. I don’t really have an idol per se. I get my inspiration and ideas from the backyard barbecuers like me that I see on Instagram. I’ve seen more creative and awesome cooks from them than anywhere else… but if I had to pick one, I’d say The Salt Lick BBQ. I love their style.

What’s your absolute favourite thing to grill?

I say it has to be chicken and ribs because they are simple, have so much flavor, and there are so many different things you can do with them.

Do you have any good tips for BBQ beginners?

The best advice I can give is take your time and don’t rush. Learn to cook low and slow. It will change your game. Never be afraid to make mistakes and try something new.

If you don’t already, be sure to follow Chris @chrisssmokinbbq on Instagram to see what creative stuff he’s cooking up!

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