How to Use BBQ Pellets with Any Grill

Wood BBQ Pellet Grills are a great way to prepare food using wood BBQ pellets as a fuel source — but did you know you can also use BBQ pellets with any grill? Learn how to use wood BBQ pellets with any grill using these simple tips.

It’s easy to use Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets to add smoke to any food, whether you have a gas grill, electric grill, charcoal grill, Kamado grill, or any other type of outdoor grill. Our smaller 2lb bags are perfect for this!

The Smokin’ Wedgie pellet smoker tray

The Smokin’ Wedgie Pellet Smoker tray makes it even easier. It holds up to 1lb of wood BBQ pellets and is made of stainless steel, so it’s reusable and provides up to 4 hours of smoke. Find one at your closest Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets dealer or order The Smokin’ Wedgie online today!

The “Foil Pouch” Method

Even if you don’t own a BBQ pellet smoker tray, you can still use BBQ pellets using this simple “Foil Pouch” method with any grill:

  1. Tear off a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil approximately 6” x 12”. If using regular aluminum foil, use two layers for added strength.
  2. Fold in half to make a 6” square.
  3. Crease the sides to make a pouch. Fold over twice and crease firmly.
  4. Add 1/3 cup of Lumber Jack BBQ pellets to pouch. Leave enough room for the smoke to inflate the pouch like a pillow.  If using more than 1/3 cup BBQ pellets, make a larger pouch to leave enough room.
  5. After adding BBQ pellets, seal the pouch.
  6. Poke a single hole in the side with a toothpick or skewer. If using two layers, make sure it goes through both layers.
  7. Light your grill and let it get to full temperature.
  8. Set the foil pouch on coals or gas flame. Do not put directly under food, set it off to the side.
  9. Within minutes smoke should start coming out of the pouch. Close the grill lid and smoke your food!
  10. Smoke should last approximately 30 minutes depending on grill temperature.

You can also use a tin can and drill 1/8″ holes around the edges of the can, fill with pellets and cover the can with aluminum foil. Always wear personal protective equipment when working with power tools and sharp edges.

Now you know how to use wood BBQ pellets with any grill! Remember to check out The Smokin’ Wedgie — it’s much easier to use!

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