Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets

Bulk Buy Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets

Stock up on pellets and save. Group buy with friends and family, competition teams & more.

Multiple Discount Levels

We offer multiple discount levels, based on the amount of Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets you order. As a result, the more pellets you buy, the more you save!


500 lbs +

1/4 TON

The Bronze discount level applies when you order:

  • Between 25 and 50 – 20lb bags
  • Between 13 and 25 – 40lb bags
  • Mix-and-Match Flavours


1000 lbs +

1/2 TON

The Silver discount level applies when you order:

  • Between 50 and 100 – 20lb bags
  • Between 25 and 50 – 40lb bags
  • Mix-and-Match Flavours


2000 lbs +

1 TON +

The Gold discount level applies when you order:

  • 100 or more – 20lb bags
  • 50 or more – 40lb bags
  • Mix-and-Match Flavours

Shipping to a Terminal

Shipping is via freight truck. The best rates are held for pick up at local freight terminal. We work with many carriers and offer the best rates we can find.


Home delivery is possible, but can be a lot more costly. We recommend freight terminal pickup if possible. 


Local pick-up is also available if you are near one of our warehouses.


A further discount is available for full-skid orders of the same flavour, or multiple skid orders. Please contact us for the best possible pricing.


We also offer a retail program for retailers if you are a store owner. 

NOTE: Bulk Quotes are for orders of 500lbs or more. Please make sure the total weight is 500 lbs or more before submitting.


Retailers: apply to become a dealer using our dealer application form here: