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Grilling is amazing, let’s be honest. But what could make the experience of grilling any better? Some great barbecue accessories, that’s what! 

We offer some unique BBQ accessories such as The Smokin’ Wedgie pellet smoker, Pour ‘n Store bag clips, Croix Valley Foods sauces and rubs, and more.

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The Smokin' Wedgie
Smokin Wedgie kit


The Smokin’ Wedgie

Our reusable stainless steel pellet smoker tray adds smoke to any grill!


Light one hole for lighter, longer smoke. Or light both holes for a stronger, heavier smoke. Gift packs available! 


Pour ‘n Store Clips

These oversized bag clips are great for resealing any large bag because they’re rated to carry up to 40 lbs.


Use them with BBQ pellets, charcoal, pet food, ice melt, water softener salt and more!

Pour n Store Bag Clip
Mini Flamethrower Torch


Mini Flame Thrower Torch

Easily light The Smokin’ Wedgie and more with this butane powered torch. It has a built-in kickstand which makes it easy to use hands-free.


This torch is refillable with an adjustable flame and stays burning once lit. 


Croix Valley Foods

Croix Valley Foods products continually receive acclaim and win competition awards.


One taste and you will be convinced that these are some of the best sauces and rubs your money can buy! 

Croix Valley Foods side header

More Products Coming Soon

We are always searching the market for interesting BBQ accessories to add to our lineup. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on our latest product offerings!


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