Month: September 2018

America loves juicy, tender, slow-smoked ribs. From the backyard griller to the seasoned BBQ pro, everyone has their secret recipe for the best ribs on the block. So what could be better than tossing a slab on the smoke and enjoying the fruits of the barbecue? How about wrapping those ribs in delicious, smoky bacon! […]

Succulent grilled Ribeye steak wrapped up and deep fried in a Spring Roll wrapper with Sauteed mushrooms and Bleu Cheese crumbles – sensational! Prepare and serve your steaks with sauces and rubs available here. This delicious treat is so easy to make and comes together in just a few steps. Rather than being laid out

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We’ve taken the jalapeno popper and turned it into a meal with Italian flavors that everyone loves. Stuffed with Parmesan, Asiago and cream cheeses, wrapped with fresh Italian Sausage and incorporating amazing flavors of Croix Valley sauces and rubs, these peppers are a treat you won’t believe until you fire up the grill. These awesome

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An “inside-out” cheeseburger stuffed with French fries, Cheddar and pickles, wrapped in bacon and smoked to perfection. This tasty little concoction is the perfect vehicle to deliver the award-winning flavors of our Honey Dijon Barbecue ‘n Brat Sauce! So simple and easy to prepare – throw away the bun and light the grill – here’s

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